DataMaster Lab Print Awards 2021

04 January 2021

We are pleased to announce the DataMaster Lab Print Awards 2021!

DataMaster Lab is the European centre of print expertise. DataMaster Lab has been testing printing equipment since 2009. The teams have tested multifunction printers, digital presses and A4 machines too. They have carried out some 15,000 individual tests on some 600 machines. The DataMaster Lab evaluations system reviews over 220,000 different results. The DataMaster Lab Print Awards are intended to reward the best, and to help inform buying decisions. We derive no revenue from our Awards.

DataMaster Lab is completely independent from the copier manufacturers.

Edward Bilson, Technical Director of DataMaster Lab said, “The digital printing and document imaging markets changed forever in 2020. We saw the pandemic accelerate the trends we have been monitoring for several years.

"Despite the Covid19 pandemic, 2020 has been a very busy year for the DataMaster Lab, and I am pleased to announce the DataMaster Print Awards for 2021.

"Our latest selection of Awards reflects the way the business world and the office print market has changed. We reward performance in the real-world scenarios that end-customers really care about. Our evaluations are all based on data from our own Lab which is available to DataMaster Online (DMO) subscribers, so the whole world can see that they are both independent and credible. As such, while they might differ from other industry awards – you can rely on ours.

We have added a few new categories this year.  The awards will be published all through January.

Watch this space!

Printer Benchmark : DataMaster Lab Print Awards 2021

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DMO is the Benchmark service for digital printing and document imaging.
From machines to software products we analyze, test and evaluate features and functions, usability, security, productivity, connectivity, flexibility, compatibility, and much more - all in real-world, business scenarios and in the context of this rapidly evolving market.
Totally independent, we provide you with an objective and critical view.

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