Saturday 19 October 2019
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DataMaster Lab gives 5 stars to Toshiba's SRA3 color MFPs   23 April 2019   

The latest Toshiba range of SRA3 color multifunction printers has been through all the DataMaster Lab tests and evaluations.  We are pleased to announce that they have obtained the excellent ratings of 4.5 and 5 stars.  The e-STUDIO4515AC and e-STUDIO5015AC attained 5/5 stars, and the e-STUDIO2515AC, e-STUDIO3015AC and e-STUDIO3515AC received 4.5/5.
There were very good results on all the axes that we study in the lab (productivity, print quality and usability) as well as in our analyses of technical specifications, which feed into DMO's reviews of security, connectivity, suitability for mobile users and of course, environmental aspects.
"In addition to the new security features, our independent test lab results have shown marked improvements in productivity - especially in workgroup mode, where we test a machine in a real-world, busy office scenario," said Edward Bilson, Technical Director of DataMaster Lab.
More details on these machines' usability, functions, print quality and flexibility are available on DMO from
DataMaster Lab's analyses and assessments are completely independent.  Five-star certificates are extremely rare.  To attain five stars, not only must the equipment under test demonstrate an excellent performance in most categories, but must have no major weakness in any of the evaluation criteria.  
Machines' evaluation certificates and the corresponding rosette badges (as well as those for other machines in the range with the same print engine, plus any rebadged machines sold by other brands) can all be downloaded for FREE.
Their radar charts, and the detailed results of the productivity tests are available on our benchmarking platform DMO which is available to you by subscription.

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Toshiba e-Studio 2515ACCertificateRosette
Toshiba e-Studio 3015ACCertificateRosette
Toshiba e-Studio 3515ACCertificateRosette
Toshiba e-Studio 4515ACCertificateRosette
Toshiba e-Studio 5015ACCertificateRosette

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