DMO for sales teams

The DMO service is the reference for the imaging industry - for the office market, MFPs, scanners and printers; for production printing; and all related software solutions too.

DMO is a one-stop shop for all the information you need.  It is a vital tool for business managers and sales warriors.  

DMO is easy to use and the information is presented in the same way throughout: no more hunting around in competitors' marketing documents.  

DMO adds value to sales approaches with expert analysis, full sales arguments - and test results from our own independent laboratory.

DMO helps you keep the conversation on your strengths, not just price.

Using DMO turns box shifters into real Business Consultants.



A sales person or business manager ought to be a real consultant, an expert in their field.  To be credible they have to master their environment.  Even an experienced business consultant needs support.  The DMO service lends credibility to a sales approach.  Sales teams use DMO to demonstrate a sales argument - by providing reliable confirmatory information.


Buyers have access to information. They have some factual information, and have opinions too.
They expect a sales approach to confirm their information.
If it does not, they will doubt the sales approach.


To help you with your analyses, DataMaster Lab attributes a single Overall Evaluation (a simple score out of ten) based on both manufacturers' specifications and our own independent laboratory testing. This note changes over time since all the calculations are based on live market data and ongoing testing. We review productivity, print quality and scn quality, but also how easy it is to use the machine - and of course, device security, environmental aspects, features and functions, and so on.

In addition to the Overall Evaluation we issue two other accreditations:

The DataMaster Lab Certificate:  issued only for machines which have undergone the full battery of lab tests, the number of stars given (up to a rare maximum of five) depends on the overall evaluation at the time of accreditation.

The DataMaster Lab Print Awards:  with multiple categories and divided by market segment, our annual Awards recompense manufacturers for products with market-leading strengths directly applicable in the real, business world.

The DMO Service in under 2 minutes

Compare your machines with the competition - then prepare your arguments.

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