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New Xerox AltaLink MFPs enhance security and usability   01 February 2019   

Xerox is determined to position itself as a leader in the market for secure and easy-to-use multifunction printers.
Xerox's new line of AltaLink MFPs benefit from the latest update of ConnectKey technology: emphasis has been placed on customized management of data security settings, a key and fundamental element in the Xerox market strategy.
MFPs with these latest software versions are able to detect any undesired changes to security settings, and to cancel them to return to the initial settings. This guaranteed "Watchdog" functionality as well as the device is both constantly in step with the latest requirements for print data protection, and protected from unauthorized interference.  Attempts to make changes will be kept in a registry for administrators to address.
AltaLink MFPs also offer end-to-end encryption capabilities as well as data compression for more efficient transmission. "Cyber ​​threats are becoming more complex, and the same is true for Xerox's responses," said Alissa J. Abdullah, Chief Information Security Officer at Xerox. "We are taking a proactive approach to device, data, and document security that enables organizations to more aggressively detect threats in order to respond more quickly."
In addition to security, Xerox also wanted to increase the ease of use of its MFPs: the new AltaLink range gives users the same management environment as they find on their tablets. Home screen customization, shortcuts, application sharing, easy access to features like booklet making with one touch, simplifying the update of the entire fleet from a single "host" machine.  "These updates articulate and demonstrate Xerox’s commitment to securing information and simplifying business processes for our customers," said Tracey Koziol, VP of Global Sourcing at Xerox.  "Our Workplace Assistants boost IT management efficiency and employee productivity."

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New Xerox AltaLink MFPs enhance security and usability
01 February 2019

Xerox is determined to position itself as a leader in the market for secure and easy-to-use multifunction printers.   Xerox's new line of AltaL (...)

01 February 2019

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