DataMaster Digital Imaging GREEN Award 2023

18 September 2023

DataMaster’s independent lab in Rennes, France has been evaluating printers and digital imaging equipment since 2009.
The DataMaster Lab GREEN Awards are for the machines which, due to their design and manufacture, the technologies employed and their manufacturers’ distribution strategies, have the least overall impact on the environment.
Energy consumption is hitting our environment hard, and the amount of electricity consumed printing varies a huge amount, even among machines in the same market segment.

However, this Award is not just about electrical consumption. We take a holistic view, taking into account the carbon footprints of print consumables’ supply chains and accreditations for manufacturing facilities.

Edward Bilson, Technical director of DataMaster said, “Much of the innovation in print is going on in the inkjet world, and nowhere more so than at Epson.

“Perhaps more importantly, at Epson, innovation is always related to Epson’s commitment to sustainability.”
Presenting the GREEN Award 2023 to Thierry Bagnaschino, Marketing Director of Epson France, Edward Bilson said “It is with great pleasure than we are giving DataMaster’s Green Award 2023 to Epson for the third year running.
“This is not just for the new AM-C range of office copiers, the third generation of Workforce Enterprise colour A3 machines armed with Epson’s PrecisionCore heat-free print technology, and not just for Epson’s commitment to be carbon-negative and underground-resource free by 2050 - it is because we know your hearts are in it.

DataMaster Lab’s 2023 GREEN Award will be given to all the Epson PrecisionCore printers and multifunction printers.

The Award is available to DataMaster Online subscribers on the product pages of the machines concerned, and from our public website,

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