DMO helps you decide

The DMO service is the reference for the imaging industry.

DMO is a one-stop shop for all the information you need.   It covers the office market, professional printshop machines, high-end printers - and all related software solutions too.

DMO is easy to use and the information is presented in the same way throughout - so you can easily compare products.  It highlights their strengths - and their weaknesses. 

DMO includes product evaluations and real-world test results from our own independent laboratory.

DMO provides you with clear and objective expertise.  The aim is to help you make informed decisions.  


How do I make up my mind?

The internet give you access to a lot of information.  You need to sort through the mass of data available, and understand the technical vocabulary. 

DMO gives you organized, factual and clear information.

What about sales people?

When you are ill, looking up your symptoms on health forums is not recommended - you need professional help to interpret them.  

DMO will help you to understand this market - and give you a clear overview.

We cannot replace the sales person.  Their job is to help you define your needs and requirements, and to guide you to fulfill them.


To help you with your analyses, DataMaster Lab attributes a single Overall Evaluation (a simple score out of ten) based on both manufacturers' specifications and our own independent laboratory testing.  This note changes over time since all the calculations are based on live market data and ongoing testing.  
We review productivity, print quality and scan quality, how easy it is to use the machine - and of course, device security, environmental aspects, features and functions, and so on.

In addition to the Overall Evaluation we issue two other accreditations:

The DataMaster Lab Certificate:  issued only for machines which have undergone the full battery of lab tests, the number of stars given (up to a rare maximum of five) depends on the overall evaluation at the time of accreditation.

The DataMaster Lab Print Awards:  with multiple categories and divided by market segment, our annual Awards recompense manufacturers for products with market-leading strengths directly applicable in the real, business world.

The DMO Service in under 2 minutes

Now you have access to objective information on products and solutions.


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